The Owaissi Anglican Camp meets the needs of all who seek God in a natural environment by nurturing Christian life.


Our vision is to be a well utilized year-round environmentally sensitive, economically operating, faith based leadership centre serving all ages and constituents. Because our mission can only be fulfilled through the working of the Holy Spirit, we are committed above all else to be an authentic Christian community in which that Spirit can be alive and active.


  1. Prayer
    We acknowledge the centrality of worship and prayer in being open to the Spirit.
  2. Faithful Service
    We acknowledge that our primary task in manifesting the Spirit is not to focus judgementally upon others but rather to serve God faithfully ourselves. We do this by careful attention to:
    Love, which recognizes and celebrates the diversity, dignity and interdependence of all people, and indeed all Creation;
    Honesty, which cuts through the falsehood and self-deception that would deafen us to the Spirit; and
    Integrity, which gives us the courage to act in accordance with the Spirit, despite our fears and our limitations.
  3. The Anglican Tradition
    We acknowledge that to be faithful in prayer and in service we must be rooted and grounded in the Christian tradition, as expressed and understood within the Anglicanism that is our heritage.