Privacy Policy



PURPOSE: The purpose of privacy laws is to protect improper interference with the privacy of citizens. In addition to the confidentiality policy already in place at Camp Owaissi the following guidelines will be adhered to.

  1. Information collected on campers, their parents/guardians, on hired staff volunteers will be kept confidential and used only on a need to know basis for the operation of the summer camp sessions. Medical information will be shared only with the Summer Director and the Health Care Professional responsible for that camp session. The Health care Professional or Summer Director will only share this information with other hired staff members if that information is required and only if it is in the best interests of the child.
  2. Collection of personal information is limited to only what is necessary for the safe and efficient running of the summer camp sessions for children. The medical and registration forms outline what is required information. These forms are signed by parents/guardians to give permission to use the information in the limited fashion as outlined above.
  3. Addresses and registration information of the summer campers will be kept confidential and only used to mail out relevant future camp news and sessions. Camp Owaissi will not share or sell any of this information with any other organization or individual. This information will be kept until the camper is no longer of camping age. Computer information will then be deleted and any paper files will be shredded.
  4. Any volunteer or hired summer staff resumes and files will be kept in a confidential manner and not shared with anyone outside of the Owaissi Hiring Committee. This will be shredded two years following the end of the individual’s employment with Camp Owaissi. The information is kept in strict confidentiality by the Hiring Committee and the Chairperson.
  5. This policy, as outlined, is available for any individual giving us personal information. This policy is available through our staff manual. The availability of this policy and how to access it will be clearly outlined on the registration and medical forms filled out by parents/guardians for their children starting in 2005.
  6. Any individual who has concerns about Camp Owaissi’s compliance with this Policy will have their concerns addressed and have a written response by the Board of Directors to their satisfaction. Contact the Chariperson, as outlined on the website, with any concerns regarding privacy and protection of personal information.
  7. Parents/ guardians must sign a consent prior to any photos published on the website or in the media.